Pyrochorris, Doublesided Pendant

Pyrochorris, Doublesided Pendant


Pyrochorris, the Fire Beetle. This pendant is a part of Brian’s Scarab series and was completely inspired by and named after the Fire Beetle and Fire itself. Fire is quite beautiful, but also very destructive. The color of the stones all represent the colors of fire and the beauty it displays as fire dances around. And because of Fire’s destructive powers, 15% will go to a Fire Relief program of the customers choosing.

This Pendant features:

Main Cab: Sunstone Cab

3x Burmese Ruby facets

3x Sri Lankan Yellow Sapphire facets

6x Sri Lankan Orange Sapphire facets

1x small Sunstone cab

2x Black Welo Opal cabs

1x Marquis Cut Almandine Garnet facet

2x small Almandine Garnet facets

Photo by the talented @thecaliforniapoppies —check out her amazing photography at

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