Our New Home

Brian, Hiroki and I have been traveling for the last 5 years, out of our truck. The packing and unpacking, packing and unpacking, got a little much after a while. With the help of our incredible friends and family we were able to manifest this beauty, our new home!



She is a ‘98 Elkhorn by Fleetwood cabover camper.


The previous owner had done about 80% of the remodel, with a brand new fridge and oven. It was the perfect match for us.



Brian was definitely in the right place at the right time when we found this magnificent opportunity. 


We’ve decided to continue with the remodel, take some things out, put some new things in.

So this is our remodeling story with our new home:


We first took out the fabric above the windows, this made things instantly brighter.



We then took off the storage latch above the table, this also freed up a lot of room while making it feel a lot more spacious.



There are a few areas of water damage we have bleached and painted and will over up with molding of some sort.



We have put a coating of Kilz Latex primer, sealer and stain blocker paint of most surfaces, and will give her a little more color in coming days. We just wanted to put a fresh base layer on everything for good measure.



We decided we will not be using the bathroom, but insead will turn it into a closet space.

We took down the shower curtain and have bleached in inside of the bathroom, and will shrinkwrap the toilet. We have an outdoor shower that we will utilize, and a travel potty, because who doesn't like to poop outdoors? (amiright?)



Once everything is painted and sealed we can start adding the fun parts like the backsplash to the kitchen, drawers for in the cabinets for extra space, even blackboard paint to turn a cabinet door into a message board.


We will be painting the exterior with a sealant to give it an added layer of protection and to clean it up a bit.


 She has a few quirks here and there (we still haven't found out where these speakers run from.....) but we love it nonetheless. 


We are so grateful to have this new home and the opportunity to really make it ours, ultimately this is a wonderful experience that we are so very excited to share with you!

Until next time-

Stay Crafty!